Directions from Peoria/Points South

Head west thru/past Peoria on I-74.

You are looking for the Canton/Kewanee exit, also labeled Hwy 78. I'm pretty sure it is exit #71, it is the exit right after the Brimfield exit, to give you some warning.

You'll take this exit and make a right to the North on Hwy 78, towards Kewanee.

Stay on Hwy 78 for about 23-24 miles, long straight, but nice road. You will eventually come to a stop sign, and a 'T' in the road.

You'll want to take a left at the stop sign. From this point you want to watch your speedometer, as the next turn is exactly three miles (and conveniently 3 crossroads) from this turn.

At the third crossroad, you'll see a sign that says Lafayette to the left, Airport to the right. You'll be turning left. There is a farmhouse on the left right before the turn, and a Tyson facility on the right, across from the turn. The road is Midland Road or 2350. You'll see our sign:

So, you've turned left and are now heading south. You'll be looking for the first cross roads, which amazingly enough is exactly one mile from where you turned!

This is OUR road, it is called County Road. You'll see another sign, and you'll be taking a left onto the gravel side. The Lodge is on the left, about 3/4 of a mile up, you can't miss it.