Mobile Manners

Tip Top Dog Training offers private instruction in your home for basic household obedience and manners training. Most typical dog behaviors (such as chewing, barking, jumping up on people, etc) can also be addressed during the course of private lessons, although some problems (depending on severity) will benefit from a focused behavior counseling program. We are also able to provide specialized training for tasks such as competition obedience, conformation, agility, preparation for therapy dog work, or personal assistance. Whether you want to teach your dog to sit on command or retrieve the laundry from the dryer, we can help you!

Tip Top Dog Training does not offer any type of "protection" training and will never train a dog for this purpose.

What are the advantages of private lessons vs. a group class?

  • Content - A group class will typically have a set curriculum which tries to address the typical needs of a broad population of owners and dogs. Private lessons are tailored to your specific needs and desires. The first thing that we do in setting up a private training is make a list of your goals and objectives for your dog.
  • Individual attention - In private lessons, you have the undivided attention of the instructor.
  • Pace - Private lessons proceed at your own pace. Like people, dogs do not all learn at the same rate. Frustration sometimes arises in group classes when you and your dog have not yet mastered a skill, but the class has to move on to the next exercise. Students often feel that their dogs are 'stupid' or that they can't learn, when what they really need is more time, some individual help, or possibly even a different technique.
  • Environment - Group classes are not the place for aggressive dogs, and may not be a constructive learning experience for shy, fearful, or poorly socialized dogs. While it certainly is desirable to teach your dog to pay attention and respond to you in the presence of other dogs, your dog may need more gradual exposure than suddenly being thrust into a room with several other dogs. Other-dog distractions and remedial socialization can be provided in private lessons.
  • Convenience - Private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience, rather than on a fixed day and time which may not mesh with your work and family schedules. For example, some people find that they need more time to master each lesson, and prefer to meet every few weeks rather than every week.

How does the Mobile Manners option work?

In general, private lessons are held at our premises, however with our Mobile Manners option, we come to you. Training at your home via our Mobile Manners program is provided at the same cost as our regular private lessons, with the addition of $0.50 per mile travel charge from our Galva facility.

How much do private lessons cost?

The rate for private lessons is $50 per session. Packages of four lessons can be purchased for $165; however, there is no refund for lessons sold as a package, and the lessons must be completed within six months or they will be forfeited. Cancellation of a scheduled lesson must be made 24 hrs in advance to avoid being charged for the lesson.

Will you keep my dog and train it for me?

In most situations it is best for you and your dog to learn together so that you can be teaching your dog the requisite skills and enforcing them at home. However, we do offer a board and train option where we will train and board your dog for you, but it will require you to also attend 2-3 90 minute classes.






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