Directions from Galesburg:
Go via 34/17 to/thru Galva, out the east side of Galva (you are just on 34 at that point, as 17 veers off to the south in the middle of Galva).

From the east edge of Galva, the turn towards the Lodge is almost exactly 3 miles. There is a Tyson plant on the North (left) side of the road right before the turn, and a little farmhouse on the south (right) side right after the turn.The road has a sign that says Lafayette to the right, airport to the left, the road name is Midland Road or 2350 Road. You'll see our Lucky Dog Lodge sign.

Turn to the right (south). After the turn, go one mile to the very first crossroads. This is our road, it is gravel to the left, hard road to the right. You'll see another Lodge sign, turn left (east) on the gravel side. The Lodge is on the left (north) side of the road, about 3/4 of a mile down.