Directions from I-80/Chicago:
Take exit 33 off of I - 80, this exit is labeled Kewanee and/or highway 78. You'll be going south (left) at this exit.

Follow this road over the hills and dales about 11 miles, until you get to Kewanee, you'll stay on this road all through town, under the skywalk, through the lights, etc. You'll stay on this main road, it stays highway 78 through town, and highway 34 hooks up with 78 although you won't notice it.

So, you're now south of Kewanee, back to the hills and dales, you are on highway 78/34 still going south. About 3 miles south of Kewanee you'll come to a place where highway 78 takes a left away from the road you are on. You'd actually have to get in the left turn lane to go onto 78, but you DON'T want to do that. You want to stay on hwy 34.

As you stay on hwy 34, you round a curve and are going west now.

You want to look at your odometer at that junction, because our turn is exactly 3 miles further west on hwy 34. Also, conveniently, it is the third cross road.

There is a sign that says Lafayette to the left, airport to the right, you'll be turning towards Lafayette (left). There is a farmhouse on the left before the turn, and a Tyson place on the right after the turn. (Midland road or 2350 road). You'll see our sign:

So, you've turned left and are now heading south. You'll be looking for the first cross roads, which amazingly enough is exactly one mile from where you turned!

This is OUR road, it is called County Road. You'll see another sign, and you'll be taking a left onto the gravel side. The Lodge is on the left, about 3/4 of a mile up, you can't miss it.